Portrait Sessions

Pre-Session Consultation

Portrait sessions begin with a phone call or a face-to-face meeting to discuss your concept ideas, locations, wardrobes and  to answer any questions you might have.

The Photo Shoot

Your photo shoot can take place in or around your house, backyard, nearby park or any other outdoor settings.  Headshots can be taken indoors at your place or at Don's studio.  Each session is typically about 2 hours long, which gives you enough time for several locations, poses and wardrobe changes.  For outdoor shoots, the preferred time is in the afternoon when the light is the softest and most flattering.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Review Proofs in Your Personalize Gallery

After the photo shoot, approximately 50 to 75 unedited proofs will be uploaded into your own personal gallery.  This is where you can review the proofs on your computer or on your phone, even share the gallery with your family and friends to help you decide on your final selections.  If you have specific sizing  or cropping requirements, this  is a good time to let Don know. 

Trouble deciding on your final selections?  Ask Don for his input from a photographer's perspective.  Once you made your final selections, the photo retouching work will begin.  

Photo Retouching

Profession retouching is what distinguishes amateur photos from a magazine quality portraits. Regardless of what equipment and lighting was used, an otherwise perfect portrait can be ruined at the hands of an unskilled or an untrained retoucher.

Don is a master retoucher with years of training and experience.  He has a meticulous set of eyes for bringing out the unique beauty among all his clients.  Don's retouch workflow includes correcting for skin blemishes, stray hair, harsh wrinkles, shiny glares and minor make up mistakes. You can also request specific areas that you would like to have retouched. 

At the end, his portraits are rarely overdone or over-processed. Donald's mantra behind every portrait is to leave the client asking "was this retouched or do I really look this fabulous?"

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