Learn Photography

Do you have a passion for photography and want to jump start or improve your photography? Reading through manuals, books and watching videos on-line maybe helpful but may not get you the results you are after. Consider a hands-on personal lesson with Don. Whether it's learning the fundamentals of your camera and photography or advancing into landscape or portraits, a customized lesson with Don will get you immediate results.


Photography is a balance of Technology and Art

Don offers customized lessons covering both the technical and the artistic aspects of digital photography.   Don will work with you side by side with your own camera, in the field, showing you the thought process and every step along the way to creating beautiful images.

The Technology – Don will work with you to get you familiarized with the basics of photography, understand the terms used in photography, the operation of your own camera, and how and why we make adjustments on the camera.

The Art – Don will walk you through how to observe, critique and appreciate the components that make up a good photograph. Understand how composition, color, mood and subject adds to the quality of a photograph. He will help you apply your knowledge directly into your own work.

Whether you like to shoot landscape, flowers, animals, automobiles, portraits, the underlying principle of a good photograph is the same.

Contact Don at photo@donaldjin.com to discuss your lesson plan.

Lesson Fees:

■  $50 per hour

■  $175 for 4 x 1 hour lessons

■  Bring along your spouse, a family member or a friend for an additional $30

■  Contact Don for more information or to schedule your first lesson:  photo@donaldjin.com

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