About the Photographer - Donald Jin Photography

As a professional photographer, Donald Jin has been capturing the essence and unique beauty of his subjects for more than 20 years. Also an instructor, he has taught photography in workshops and classes throughout New England, as well as on cruise ships.

A bit of a tech geek, Don was first attracted to the technological aspect of photography. As a college student, he immersed himself in experimenting with camera equipment and quickly developed a passion for the medium. After receiving his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Boston University, Don furthered his education and training in portrait photography at the New England School of Photography. A member of the Boston Camera Club for over 15 years, Don sits on the executive committee board and co-chairs the model studio.

Don’s award-winning work spans several genres from evocative travel photography and fine art landscapes to charismatic portraits and headshots. Regardless of the subject matter in front of his lens, his artistic vision is evident. Don’s photographs convey the hidden beauty he finds in unexpected places, moments, and expressions. Don frames his images with patience and deliberateness, waiting for the right light and the "decisive moment" that epitomizes his unique vision before pressing the shutter. He captures his subjects in moments of unguardedness, when they are relaxed and at their most genuine. He believes the strongest composition is often the simplest, eliminating the extraneous from his images and including only those elements that compliment his chosen subject. Don practices a similar “less is more” philosophy when retouching, meticulously processing his images in the digital darkroom with subtlety and restraint.

For Don, photography is an ideal melding of art and technology. Through his photographs and his teaching, Don manages to convey to others the unexpected moments of beauty he finds in the world and helps his students to capture their own decisive moments, beautifully.

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